We’ve had the pleasure of assisting Bunim Murray in the production of the second season of the worldwide success The Stallone Family Tv Show.
As challenging as it may be working with such a prominent icon as Sylvester Stallone it’s been a very rewarding enterprise!

We’ve collaborated with some of the most exclusive and successful realities and institutions in Italy such as Masseria San Domenico of the Borgo Egnazia Group in Puglia and Hotel De la Ville in Rome. We coordinated with local municipalities to organize the honorary citizenship award ceremony for Sly and Frank, with the city Rome authorities, Ministero della Cultura and Ufficio Cinema, to display the eternal city’s most famous landmarks like the Colosseum, Vittoriano and Piazza Di Spagna.

An unforgettable and once in a lifetime moment was the audience the Pope granted to the Stallone Family in Vatican City and we can only take pride in having being able to support in this historical occasion.

We’re looking forward to everybody being part of the Stallone family’s wonderful journey in the beautiful country of Italy, through the touching moments and reminiscences and all of the funny and playful experiences as well!